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I know what it's like to Struggle...

Regina-April-2014-240x300Before I finished high school, I was a teen mother living in Nigeria with three children and a failing marriage. My babies were starving and I had no education, no money and no husband to support us. I couldn't bear to watch my children suffer any longer. I made some tough decisions and sacrifices so that I could give them, and myself, a better life.

My journey was long and often difficult, but I asked questions and relentlessly sought answers. I refused to give up and I seized every opportunity that would get me closer to achieving my goals.

The work I did to overcome challenges, small and large, paid off.

Today, I’m living my dream, loving my work as a life and career coach, and I'm thriving by being able to help others design a life they love.

Are you stuck in a career rut?

Do you crave more satisfaction from your career and your life?

Are you still searching for your life’s purpose?

Do you feel a vague lack of direction that’s draining your energy and keeping you from living a life full of precious moments and personal fulfillment?

What would it be like to turn the life you know today into a life you absolutely love?

Imagine your life with less stress, more freedom and more meaning.

What are you willing to do to make your dream life and dream career a reality?

Whether you’re stuck in an unrewarding job or career, a negative mindset, or even a bad relationship, you have the power to change. Anyone, especially YOU, can do this.

You may have your doubts today, but I can show you how to cast away those doubts. I will show you how to bust through the myths and mindsets holding you back so that you can stop dreaming and start living . . . on your own terms.

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