Meet Regina

Regina Ozoemela is a career and life coach who guides business owners, disadvantaged workers, and women reentering the workforce so that they can experience a successful and fulfilling life, both personally and professionally. Through her group and private individual coaching programs, she empowers individuals to overcome limiting mindsets, take positive action and achieve success defined on their terms. Most recently, she helped a carpenter make $20,000 in two weeks by tapping into his woodworking talents and helping him create an additional revenue stream. Now he’s selling his own handcrafted furniture in between residential renovation projects.

After struggling for several years as a poverty-stricken and divorced teen mother of three in Nigeria, Regina is passionate about helping men and women who feel stuck in their career and life to break through the perceptions, environment and mindset that hold them back from true happiness. A student of motivational speaker, and Chicken Soup for the Soul® series author, Jack Canfield, Regina is an aspiring motivational speaker and author who has contributed a chapter to Ready, Aim Captivate!, a #1 Bestseller and International Bestseller at She is a contributing author of Wounded, Survive Thrive!, also an Amazon #1 International Bestseller and #1 Hottest New Release. Her own book, Success Against all Odds is currently on sale.

Regina draws from her own frustrating experience of working 26 years in a low-level position at Fidelity Investments with little advancement, despite earning an MBA. She shares with her clients the five steps she took to achieve the rapid change she needed to create her dream career.

Personally, Regina overcame numerous roadblocks along her quest to finish high school despite being a teen mom, leave Nigeria to create a better life for herself and her young children, and obtain U.S. citizenship. By transforming hardship into opportunity, persistence into achievement, Regina naturally inspires others to do the same.

Regina graduated from the University of Southern New Hampshire with a Masters in Business Administration. She has volunteered for the American Diabetes Association and several educational programs including Building Educated Leaders for Life, career day mentoring, and tutoring at local middle schools. She is currently a member of International Membership of Professional Advisors, Coaches, & Trainers (IMPAC), the United Methodist Church Health Ministry and Umuadaigbo (meaning the Igbo daughters), Massachusetts, an organization for women of this Nigerian tribe who live in Massachusetts.

Regina lives in Boston, Massachusetts with her husband. She enjoys listening to music, dancing, singing, reading romantic novels and watching political debates and campaigns.