The Life Purpose Formula

There are a small handful of proven Life Purpose Formulas that are sure to show you how to reach your highest potential. You are about to find out exactly what these proven formulas are! You’ve made a wise decision to purchase this digital Course to start you on your way to making a radical change in your life.                                           LPF

Here are the six outcomes you can expect to get out of this 8 part audio course:

You will learn how to identify your life purpose.

You will learn the importance of identifying your life purpose and how doing that can enhance all areas of your life.

You will discover the resources necessary to identify your life purpose.

You will learn where to find these resources.

You will learn how the resources could be applied in your own life to help you go from where you are now to where you want to be.

You will learn the five proven strategies for rapid change.

Purchase this 8-part audio course including transcript for only $97 (a $500 value!).

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